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Access Radio Interview with Leanne

Dr. Suzanne Henwood Interviews Leanne about her book


Leanne’s Book Launch

Want to be a co-pilot?

Would you like to help spread the word about the book: Open Me?

Would you like to read it before anyone else around the world?

Or have you, by some lucky chance, got your hands on a copy, read the book and would love to share with others about it?

Have you read the reviews and you just know this is a winner and this message needs to get out there?


Well maybe you’d like to be a co-pilot helping the book and its message to take off around the world.

I’m looking for co-pilots who are willing to share about the book and about the Wisdom Circles (1-hour calls where we delve into fascinating topics related with following our intuition). For more about the Circles go to:

There are some really cool benefits from co-piloting. Contact me if you’d like to know more:

I am so grateful to these co-pilots, extra-ordinary people, who offer some amazing services:

Jessica Smalls – Canada

Spiritual Development Specialist & Author
Jessica is a 7th year apprenticing Shaman of the Lakota Sioux tradition. She is adept in supporting people connect to their spirit, to empower themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
She is also an author, having just launched her first book Foundation of Fire: How to step into your personal power and manifest your dreams.

Shelley Schanzenbacher – Canada

“An inspired life is a life lived from the heart. Shelley believes that at the heart of all relationship are vulnerability, connection, honesty and love. Working from a place of deep listening, Shelley walks alongside her clients as they gain clarity around the heart of the matter as an individual”.

Pavitra Gurumurthi – Australia

Pavitra is passionate about people accessing their true leadership potential by helping them understand the language of their emotions. Pavitra believes that every emotion we experience, especially those that make us extremely uncomfortable, has a purpose for deeper exploration and connection to self. As a Leadership Coach, she enjoys mentoring, coaching and giving inspirational talks to help people re-establish a connection with their true self.

Nicola Haines Ramsay – United Kingdom